Electric Opportunities Through WorldSkills

Ryan is an apprentice competing in WorldSkills. He shares his experience is winning Regionals, and training for WorldSkills. He chats about the competition, what he enjoys about it - and we meet his family.

He tells us about what got him interested in being an electrician and the kind of work he's been doing in the trade.

Ryan shows us what he's created at WorldSkills.

He talks about how he makes car sound systems for all his friends cars, as well as his vision to work overseas and to own his own business.

About Electrical Installation At WorldSkills:

Electrical Installation is generally referring to domestic jobs and installations in homes. This includes wiring up a new house, repairing wiring, installing power points, downlights, as well as electrical hot water systems, circuit breakers and other household jobs.

It is important for an electrician to be good with reading and understanding mechanical drawings in order to plan and/or diagnose a job or problem. Great problem solving and fault finding skills are what makes a great electrician.

In The Competition: Run over three six hour days.

1) A control project relating to up and down limits and isolating faults in the electronics.

2) Diagnose a domestic Main Board and install several GPO’s (Power Outlets), lights as part of a circuit.

3) Home automation using Eye Control (the brand name) equipment. This allows an electrician to wire up a whole house so that all electrical functions are automated.

This is particularly useful if people are away on holidays – you can program the lights to come on at night and then turn off the time they normally would.

About Ryan:

Ryan is doing his apprenticeship at Boyne smelters in Gladstone, Queensland. He's a 2nd year apprentice.

He plans to travel and work in England after he finishes his apprenticeship. He'd like to own his own business one day.

VJ Geoff Charters