Cutting Out Her Future

At 16 Vicki Klimoski knew exactly what career path she wanted to follow. Having worked in her aunt’s hairdressing salon from her early teens, Vicki’s passion was hairdressing. Vicki’s parents however wanted her to attend university.

Fortunately Vicki’s aunt, herself a hairdresser, helped convince her parents that leaving school at 16 was the right path for Vicki to follow, as Vicki recalls: “She made them feel a lot more comfortable knowing I was interested and that I was doing really well” Her schoolteachers supported Vicki’s move to pursue a hairdressing career: “They were really good about it. They thought it would be a good opportunity for me...It was a great choice to leave and do something I really enjoyed”

Her aunt’s faith in Vicki proved to be well founded. By the time she was 21, Vicki had purchased the salon from her aunt outright. Vicki undertook a four TAFE course at Meadowbank TAFE in Sydney, NSW and enjoyed “respect” and independence that TAFE afforded her. The practical component of her apprenticeship she completed at her aunt’s salon.

Having been in the industry for over a decade Vicki hasn’t tired of the work. She loves the chance to exchange gossip and chat with her clients. Julie, one of Vicki’s clients makes the point: “She loves her clients. They’re like family to her”

VJ Rodney Meier