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MEGT is a national company that deals with apprenticeships, traineeships and school-based apprenticeships and is driven by strong, people centred values. The organisation seeks positive change and innovative solutions in the areas of employment, training and education. MEGT is committed to being Australia’s leading training and support services provider, and acknowledges the differing requirements of both its community and commercial obligations.

Shane Murray is the owner of the automotive business - Wombat Offroad, a one-stop 4WD shop -and has had careers in electronics and mechanics (he actually races 4WD's himself!) He now owns this mechanical, repair and servicing business and is so busy he is typically booked out 2 weeks in advance. Shane has no qualms employing apprentices with little or no mechanical knowledge because they don’t have bad habits and take short cuts; hence, he looks to employ people that are interested in the trade and who like cars -and of course who are keen to develop and apply whatever skills they have to offer.

Dylan Bennett is a student studying an Automotive Course under the Australian Technical College. He spends two days at school, two days at work assisting in the garage and one day at Trade School, which is spent taking apart old cars and engines like a puzzle and putting them back together.

Jennifer Ebdon is the field officer and supports and monitors students. She comes out to the location every 6-8 weeks to check up on them, and offer them advice and assistance, which she believes is a great way to ease kids into the workforce.

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