The Butcher Cooks Dinner

The main ingredients in the meat served at Alan's butchery, he is says, is quality and service: and it must be true enough since the business has been around for ten years. SkillsOne chats to Alan Waldon and his apprentice Zac Wall about their butchery and what makes them the best in the area, what makes Zac Apprentice of the Year and why Zac reckons Eastern Road Quality Meats is better than his dad's butchery!

About Eastern Road Quality Meats:

There are 6 employees at Eastern Road Quality Meats. Alan has owned the business for the last 10 years. To Alan, the business is all about building a rapport with the customers.

As a business, Alan must meet this customer needs and stay profitable. New foods are tested on staff at breakfast or lunch to get feedback.

The staff work 12 hour days during the week (6.30am - 6.30pm) and then a half day on Saturday (6am - 2pm). Alan tries to give them an extra day off during the week so they are only working 55 hours.

VJ Linda Mirabilio

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