Appetite for Success NSW Launch 2010

Industry backs new TAFE program

Being a chef requires more than just great cooking skills to be highly successful.

TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute and Northern Sydney Institute have initiated a new industry driven training program – Appetite for Success – designed to develop and groom tomorrow’s leading chefs and cooks to ensure they have a long, successful and balanced career in the hospitality industry. Participants in the program will receive special training from high-profile mentors.

“The reality of being a chef in today’s market requires a multitude of skills,” Matt Kemp, Head Chef and owner of Restaurant Balzac said.

“To be successful we know cooking is an element but it is just one of the things required on the way to becoming a great business person!

“To become that successful person and gather the skills and knowledge on your way to the top, guidance is essential.

“I feel that the mentor program will guide these young professionals into the right environment that will advance their careers and this will in turn benefit each and every establishment they work at,” Matt said.

Matt will be mentoring Francesca de Manzana who is currently in the fourth year of her apprenticeship at Sheraton on the Park.

“I’m very excited to be part of the Appetite for Success program,” Francesca said.

“I will learn so much under Matt’s mentorship. He has fantastic knowledge and experience of the industry. I feel that this will give me the edge on other chefs out there,” Francesca said.

Appetite for Success was officially launched on Monday 23 August 2010 at Parliament House in Sydney. This is the first time the program has been offered in Sydney. Both TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute and Northern Sydney Institute are running the program.