3 Stars for the North Coast Institute

SkillsOne is on the scene when the North Coast Institute of TAFE is awarded 3-Gold Star award rating by the Institute Of Trade Skills Excellence!

About The Star Rating Scheme:

North Coast TAFE Institute Director, Elizabeth McGregor said the Three Gold Star Rating was recognition of the high quality of industry-focused teaching delivered at the Kingscliff Campus.

"This award confirms North Coast TAFE as a leading choice in training for the construction industry both in NSW and nationally," Ms McGregor said.

"We found the process to be a valuable addition to the inspections that occur as part of our quality certification processes, to our regular internal self-assessment work, and to our other student and employer satisfaction mechanisms that tell us how well we are providing excellence for our customers."

"During this critical skills shortage period, we welcome initiatives that seek to identify and meet specific industry needs - such as the Star Rating Scheme. They help us ensure that our apprentices and trainees have the right skills to contribute to industry and the region's economy," said Ms McGregor.

North Coast TAFE's Construction section at Kingscliff will receive a plaque in recognition of receiving a Three Gold Star Rating for its carpentry courses.

Brian Wexham, CEO of The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence will present the plaque to North Coast TAFE Institute director Elizabeth McGregor at a ceremony to be held at the Institute's Kingscliff Campus.

The Rudd government has recently released a report called 'Skilling Australia' in which the government notes that the increase in productivity in the workplace will prevent inflation. The document also outlines that the Government will fund 450,000 student places in various RTOs.

'Skills Australia' will need to choose where those places go.

The Solution: The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence's Star Rating scheme independently assesses registered training organisations throughout Australia. The assessment is conducted by an independent industry representative and an independent evaluator.

They undertake a thorough assessment of the school, its equipment and teaching methods. In particular, the evaluators take the time to speak to students to ensure that what the training organisation claimed was met This evaluation is to ensure that the course matches industry requirements.

The productivity problem in Australia is often due to the fact that a student finishes training but hasn't been trained properly (because of old equipment or outdated teaching techniques) and needs to be re-trained in the workplace - thereby diminishing the company's productivity.

The Star Rating Scheme helps to lift the image of TAFE by highlighting their excellence in staff and facilities thereby increasing student numbers. The Star Rating Scheme helps promote and advance the quality and relevance of vocational and technical training for the trades in Australia by recognising high performing RTO's.

The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence is responsible for the scheme and is supported by each participating industry sector to develop, implement and manage the program. The evaluation process includes an initial self evaluation by the faculty or school against a set of criteria which has been defined by industry.

Then schools or faculties who demonstrate potential to achieve a one gold star, two gold star or three gold star level of recognition receive a site visit by an evaluation team.

RTO's that receive a one star, two star or three star level of recognition will receive a valuable promotional package, with benefits increasing the higher the level of recognition achieved, including listing on website honour roll and promotion via industry magazines and other mediums.

They will also receive feedback to help drive improvement. This scheme will allow students, parents, career counsellors, employers and industry to ascertain which RTO's have been recognised by The Institute and industry at what level, within their field of interest.

VJ Rodney Meier