What women want: A tradie

What's the best way to pick up a potential date? In a ute.

A recent survey has revealed that Aussie women find tradespeople more desirable than those who work in white collar industries.

Career networking site Link Me surveyed 950 people and the results clearly showed a preference for "tradies" in the romantic stakes.

Carpenters, tilers, painters, builders and plumbers topped the list of the most desirable professions in the dating world, beating lawyers and accountants.

Link Me CEO Campbell Sallabank attributed the results to the lifestyle and well-sculpted bodies associated tradespeople.

"Tradies work extremely hard however they are usually in an environment where it is acceptable to leave the job at 3pm enabling them to contribute more to family life," he said.

"There is an idealised view of tradespeople. The life seems sexy: out in the sun all day, physical work, less stress and great pay - whilst the view of white collar positions is less glamorous."

For 21-year-old Kate Houghton the survey results come as no surprise.

She got engaged to air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanic Nick Hokin a year ago and says she finds that, in general, tradespeople tend to be more down-to-earth, physical and hard-working.

"I just think they are more in touch with the real world. Not to mention he is very handy around the house," she laughs.

And with the likes of Jamie Durie and Tom Williams adorning our TV screens it is little wonder tradies are moving ahead in the sexy stakes.

Journalist Sarah Etchells, 26, is single and says she can definitely see the appeal of a tradesmen.

"There is the perception that a tradie tends to keep very fit and healthy," she says. "Plus there has been a lot of media attention recently about the trade boom and the fact that the earning potential for tradespeople is just as high as a lawyer or an accountant."

It might just be time for some of us to consider a career change.