WorldSkills Australia Nationals – Brisbane 2010 – Fitting

Matt lives in Stawell with his parents on the family farm (crops & sheep)

He did engineering at school which he really enjoyed. He then did an apprenticeship at Stawell engineering for 2 years. The apprenticeship was meant to go for 4 years but he completed it in 2 due to hard work and dedication.

Matt has been doing Fitting for three years now. He also does a lot of work for his dad on the farm. Things like maintenance and machinery repairs. He is just out of school so he has more time to help around the farm.

He likes the fact you get to do all sorts of work in this trade. He particularly likes getting onsite at Stawell mine where he is exposed to many tasks including onsite welding.

He feels onsite work is the most challenging though as he is really in the thick of things and you have to think quick when tackling tasks

Matt feels to be a good fitter you need good trade skills & communication is very important especially when he is onsite

He won a Fitting comp at Ballarat Uni which introduced him to WorldSkills and he is definitely very excited about getting involved in this great event.

VJ Edith Veilleux