What comes after school?

John Taccori describes his job as helping young people work out what they're good at, and helping them to pursue that interest as a career. He is an experienced career and vocational counsellor, offers his insights and advice into the issues that today's school leavers face in finding the perfect job.


More About John:

Although many career counsellors are school-based and may not have pursued counselling as their occupation - Dr John Taccori consults as a private careers counsellor to people needing specific, well-researched advice. He studied teaching at the Australian Catholic University because he wanted to have a tangible effect on people's lives and hasn't looked back for 23 years.

Twelve years ago John was offered the chance to become a researcher at the Catholic Education office, looking into issues concerning education, careers and vocational training. It has since become a passion and he is now a leading expert on career/vocational issues facing Australia.

He undertook a PhD in vocation and careers education. He began counselling students about their career options in 1995.

He has given advice to government on key issues regarding education, training, vocations and careers, making recommendations such as pushing to have full time careers advice available in high schools.

John now counsels school-leavers and young people weekly as well as career-changers or those changing courses.

VJ Rodney Meier