The Water Saviours

Paul Kirby has been in the plumbing industry for 30 years - and knows it like the back of his hand: It was, after all, his hands for which he was originally hired.

The plumbing industry is affected now by the environmental issues surrounding water resources, so water tanks and water saving techniques are a big business.

He's goes through the many challenges of owning is own business including what to do when it's raining!

At 16, Paul was interested in finding an outdoor job. Offered an apprenticeship by his neighbour, Paul hasn't looked back fro 30 years. A sense of satisfaction in fixing things and helping people get their hot water repaired or getting called into fix other complex jobs which others cannot solve.

As we watch, Paul and his colleague Zane Ford repair a burst tank and Zane shares his tale of how he started, the physical nature of the job, fitness benefits and the good salaries.

Plumbing has provided Paul with good financial prospects and at 52, although he could retire - he still enjoys the work. Having moved to the beaches, Paul is looking to enjoy life while continuing his plumbing and consulting.

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VJ Matthew Jenkin