The Apprentice Dent Technician

Dent technician Daniel Crenshaw got started in the automotive dent removal trade two years ago in his spare time. SkillsOne visits Daniel to see what's involved in Dent Repair.

He shows us the tools of the trade, what's involved in his job, and shows us a little of what's involved in repairing dents.

Daniel became involved in the automotive industry through panel repair when he found out about paintless dent repair. Keen to learn, Daniel bought a set of specialised dent removal tools and tried to teach himself how to remove dents from vehicle panels.

He would find himself making progress only to be become busy with other commitments and his skills lapsed again. So when he heard that Chris Warrick, aka "Dr Dent" was looking for someone to assist in his own business, Daniel leapt at the opportunity to learn from a master in the dent removal business.

Daniel notes that the work isn't easy but he enjoys the challenge of painstakingly removing dents on car bonnets and doors without damaging the paintwork "I've still got a long road in front of me" he says.

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VJ Rodney Meier