GTA Stories: David Brown

David Brown recounts how his organisation helped change the prospects of a young man through a school-based apprenticeship. David shows us that an apprenticeship with great mentoring can change the lives of troubled youth, and those that are vulnerable to making negative life choices can be moulded into valuable citizens of the future.

MIGAS Apprentices & Trainees focuses on placing youth into apprenticeships, traineeships and school-based training programs. The organisation highly values the emotional well-being of its participants. They will ensure their apprentices and trainees are placed into positive environments that provide essential mentoring and discipline. They celebrate the success of their apprentices through their own annual awards.

Group Training Australia Limited (GTA) is the national association representing a network of around 150 Group Training Organisations (GTOs) located throughout Australia. Collectively the national network employs 35000 apprentices and trainees.