CPSISC Industry Leaders Forum

SkillsOne was on site at the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council Industry Leaders Forum, where leaders from the Muslim and Indigenous communities spoke about using the strengths of people from different backgrounds to build a stronger Australia.

Speakers included Member for Lakemba Jihad Dib, Former NRL champion and founder of the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy David Liddiard, Ro Coroneos of Lend Lease, and Yasmin Abdel-Magied founder of Youth Without Borders.

CPSISC Chair, Glenn Simpson of the HIA said that positive forums bringing industry leaders together was part of an overall strategy for a skilled workforce for the future of Australia. CPSISC was here for the long term and would assist large infrastructure projects adopt similar models of Skilling as the now world famous Barangeroo model.

Communities are the building blocks for positive social change. Recent changes to the Vocational Education system were viewed as an opportunity by CPSISC to drive key agendas for the benefit of all Australians.


VJ Andrew Little, Andrew Blau