Blog: Brian Wexham, Chair WorldSkills Australia

WorldSkills continues to grow as an international organisation, with new member countries joining this past year that include Kingdom of Bahrain and Chile.

The ever-increasing number of member countries joining the WorldSkills family is indicative of the role WorldSkills plays and importantly its potential to influence skills learning and excellence globally through collaboration.

Vocational education and training is fast emerging as an important area of focus, evidenced by the well-publicised needs of the emerging economies in Asia and South America.

WorldSkills can play a critical role in fostering the exchanges of ideas, technological developments, the establishment of partnerships and the adaptation of new teaching methods.

Education delivery is in itself changing as it adapts to new age sophisticated teaching platforms. There is much that can be learnt.

WorldSkills Australia is well placed to make a significant contribution to the Asia Pacific region. Our achievements in the world arena can support Australia’s exports and assist marketing Australia’s education, now recognised as Australia’s fourth largest export valued at over $15 billion dollars annually.

WorldSkills Australia is a strategic asset as well as being a benchmark for excellence within our own vocational system.

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