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SkillsOne isn't just a TV program. It's an opportunity to get involved in making programs and online content that raises the status of trade skills, career opportunities and training excellence.


Become a contributor by:

  • Submitting Story Ideas
  • Sending us your VideoCV
  • Emailing us @Work Photos
  • Giving us Feedback
  • Staying up-to-date
  • Taking part in surveys
  • Be a TV Programmer

Submitting Story Ideas

A story idea can be on any subject matter related to trade skills. It could be about a particular career path or opportunity not previously profiled on SkillsOne. It may be about a specialised course at your TAFE or an achievement by students. It could feature vocational programs that are being delivered innovately or addressing a challenging community need. Successful submissions will be made into stories for broadcast on TV and the web. You and/or your tech or workplace will be credited.

Sending us your VideoCV

A one minute video introducing yourself to potential employers so you can show off your skills and experience is an effective way of "getting out there". Bringing your resume to life on the screen is one of the few ways you can stand out from the pack. Employers have a complex task ahead when sifting through piles of job applications. And, getting a job is as much about convincing them you have the right attitude, communication skills and passion as it is about your trade and experience. Don't reveal your telephone number or personal info - just a first name. Interested employers will contact SkillsOne to reach you.

Upload @Work Photos

A business has an important competitive advantage if it has a positive culture and passionate workforce. Passion is something we specialise in and this is another chance to show off your workplace. Some big and small companies have sent us fantastic images of their workplace in action. When taking these images, try to focus on people's faces, your workmates in the midst of a task, having a coffee break or engaged in team activities. Don't forget to show us the environment you work in. A building company may have onsite pics as well as office pics. A landscaper may have pics out in the field. Your photos will be made into a Photo Essay for broadcast on TV and the web. You and your workplace will be credited.

Giving us Feedback

Feedback is one of the easiest ways of making your mark. We read your feedback. If it involves suggestions and improvements to our site, we include it in our development pipeline. If it involves TV content, it gets prioritised with a researcher for follow up. The collective ideas of all our viewers and users are taken into account wherever possible. Email us

Staying up-to-date

You can keep an eye on our TV programs and web developments by opting into our weekly Email Service. You'll get the latest information about new videos, the TV Guide, surveys, new initiatives and opportunities straight to your inbox. This is a fantastic service if you want to integrate our videos into your lesson plans. Encourage your students to sign up for the Email Service and build discussion sessions around the videos most related to your class.

Taking part in Surveys

We want to know what you think about trade skills, the skills shortage, initiatives that improve training, job opportunities and people's attitudes to trade skills. Out regular surveys are a feature of SkillsOne and it's a great chance to give an anonymous opinion about important issues.

Be a TV Programmer

Tell us what you want to watch! You can be a TV Programmer for a Day - just send us your "Rundown" or "Playlist" - a list of 7 stories you want to see. The winning Rundowns will be programmed into an hour of television and we'll credit you for that hour of TV! Email us

What to do

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